Empower Parent Portal

Empower Parent Portal: Video Tutorials

Video 1: In this overview of Shaker Regional School District's learning Management System, Empower, you can learn how to log in to the Parent Portal and see how your student is doing.

​​Video 2: The concept of evidence shapes our model of competency-based education: All student work becomes evidence of what they know and can do and helps teachers determine their progress toward the standards. Learn how parents of middle and high school students can see evidence scores in Empower.

​​Video 3: Habits of Work are essential skills that go beyond content area knowledge and skills. This video shows how they are reported at the elementary, middle, and high school level.

Videos 4A-4C: Learn how to view a file of the most up-to-date Progress Report (the same version the school sends home) for your student. 

Belmont High School:

Belmont Middle School:

Belmont & Canterbury Elementary Schools:

Video 5: Learn about the Student Home Page, a different view of the same information on your student. This includes "My Learning Path," a way to visually track progress as students complete courses.


Video 6: See how to access and interpret the Target Browser, which shows standards and scores in the context of the whole K-12 progression of learning at Shaker.

Video 7: Learn how the Class Log view can be used to see middle and high school students' evidence scores for specific standards or at a certain achievement level.


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