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Misty D. McBrierty

Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Shaker Regional School District

Office #: 603-267-9223 ext. 5311


"It is what teachers think, what teachers believe, and what teachers do at the level of the classroom that ultimately shapes the kind of learning that young people get."

~ Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan



Student learning is the business of all schools. It is our mission at Shaker Regional School District to provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is delivered by highly effective and engaging educators. We want all students to become lifelong learners with the skills for the 21st century in order to become critical thinkers and productive and responsible citizens.


We know that learners can reach any target that is clear and holds still for them and at Shaker Regional we have developed a rigorous curriculum based on the Next Generation of Standards and 21st Century skills. Our goal is to ensure that all students reach mastery and make significant growth as they move through Shaker Regional School District.


The above website is a resource for educators, parents, and students to support the learning of all students. It is updated regularly to support our efforts to improve student achievement and prepare our students for the world of work.


Please feel free to contact the Director of Curriculum and Assessment with any questions, concerns, or ideas. Your feedback is always welcome.

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